ESL Summer Info

Our Monday and Thursday ESL zoom classes have ended for the spring semester. We will not have Monday/Thursday summer classes. Our regular classes will resume in the fall on September 5th.

However, we will have a once a week Discussion Class that is in person only. It will be every Wednesday from 10 AM to Noon at 1300 Lavaca. If you live in Austin and can get downtown on Wednesday mornings, you are welcome to join. You will be expected to participate in the discussions in English, so this is not a class for beginners, but it will give you a chance to practice your English conversational skills.


Free English Classes

Join our free English classes every Monday and Thursday from 10 AM to Noon. We have both in-person and zoom classes. Our in-person classes meet at 1300 Lavaca in downtown Austin, Texas. For information on how to join the zoom classes, please email us at to learn more.

Please note, we do not provide childcare at this time.


About Us

We have a group of very experienced teachers. We meet in small breakout groups to study the lesson. We focus on spoken English with some part of each lesson devoted to grammar, pronunciation and idioms. There are two levels of classes, a high beginning to low intermediate group and a high intermediate to advanced group. We are not currently offering classes for beginners. Students must be able to ask and answer basic questions in English and follow instructions in English. This is not a program for someone who knows little or no English. Contact to learn more.